Monday, January 12, 2009

What Cha Do This Weekend?

What did you do this weekend? I will tell you what I did, NOTHING! That's right I did nothing all weekend long, I slept, but I had been sick all week, since I got back from VA. When I say all week, I mean ALL week! This weekend was my REST weekend, although I did get some laundry done, which was great because I had a lot, and Saturday I did fix my family some breakfeast but promptly went to sleep there after :) Sunday I watched Cold Mountain - a 3 hour long movie ON T.V. and then Pride and Prejudice, both GREAT movies I had NEVER seen before Sunday! WHY!!!!!! I have no idea because I loved them both :)
I want to attempt to see Benjamin Button, maybe I will get that done this week at some point.
Tonight Michael has Basketball practice, which should be 1 hour of ammusement tonight :) I will prepare my camera battery and make sure it is charged so I can get some decent pictures and videos.

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