Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day full of FUN!

Saturday we went to the Butterfly Festival it was a lot of fun! The butterflies just landed on you and the boys thought that was super cool!

Later on we met up with our friends Brandie and her son D, and headed to the Taste of Addison, it was fun! We managed to get a small work out in with all the walking around we did as well as eat a healthy meal :) YAY US! The boys had a blast which is always a good thing! We did have some cranky pants when their hunger hit but shortly after they were fed and bellies full they were happy as can be :)

They had fun going around to all the vendors and collecting freebies! They even partook in a pickle contest of whose cruch was louder! All the boys got to get a Vlasic Pickle guy stuffed animal.

It got a bit hot, and not to mention a lil humid so the boys took a dip in the fountains! Yay for Addison fountains! They are so much fun!

The boys also rode the ferris wheel and they loved it! I was a bit scared with them way up top when it stopped but all was good and they all listened very well!

Shortly before we left Michael and I took an old timey picture it was so fun! I have never done one before and always wanted to and I got my chance! YAY ME!

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