Sunday, May 24, 2009

our First 5k :)

Yes, Michael and I ran (I mean walked, and sorta ran some) our first 5k ever! well mine, I am sure Michael has done it before back home with my sister Jackie or something. It was fun and I am trying to plan for my next one for sure! Michael had made it which is what I was afraid of him whining and wanting to stop a lot.
We were joined by friends, Brandi, and her son D, and Jamie and her little girl Julia :)

The kids got to rub elbows with CHUCK E CHEESE!

Then got to clown around with some clowns :)
I am so proud of everyone for making it and not stopping, the kids did have rests, mainly to wait for us to catch up LOL
After the race, we went with our friend Brandi and her lil man D to have some Ihop! We had a nice little breakfeast (actually mine was big but worth it!)

Soon after we ate, the boys decided that they wanted to head to the park. So we did, until the ice cream man came, so we then headed to Braum's so the moms could enjoy a LOW calories ice cream :)
While eating cream the talk of swimming came up, and yes we went swimming, it was the perfect excuse to buy a new swim suit for me :) hahaha
Swimming our other friends Beth, her husband and their kids, met us there :)
Brandie, Michael, D and I ended up needing to leave because in the words of Michael, "Mommy I am cold and hungry and I feel like I am poor" So off we went to have some dinner at Souper Salad, which I have never been there before and I liked it! I got the most awesome salad, some pizza, and some mac n cheese, I attempted to do a baked potatoe, but I didnt like the taste of it.

I was BEAT by the time I got home, and crashed very soon after getting Michael from his cousin's house. Legs hurt LOL but not bad as I thought they would.


Minette said...

My family and I did the "run" also, not our first but it was one of our most fun. Watch this fall for the Heroes for Children run in Frisco, it's a great one and the money goes to a great cause!

Michael's Mommy said...

OH thanks! I will have to look for that one for sure! :) Thanks for reading my blog :)

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