Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michael's Birthday Plans....

Michael's Birthday is right around the corner and Im scrambling around trying to make this a good one for him! He will be seven years old! I am really big on birthday parties, it may be that I didnt have any growing up, and it is something I may or may not have missed out on when I was younger, who knows, but if it is something I missed out on, I do not want Michael to miss out on the celebration of his birth and him coming into this world and changing my life for the better. This year I think I am going to do another pool party theme. This time it will be at our apartment complex, which will be of no cost to us which is a plus! I did find this very awesome place called and it basically is a truck, or trailer type thing that comes to you and they open it up and the kids can go inside and play video games, inside they have hooked up PS3 systems, or Xbox I am not sure which, and outside opens up and they can play Wii outside too, so it has the ability to serve many kids at one time. The rental of this will be the same amount it would be to hold it at some indoor kids party place so I am cool with that and the price. I have had some questions on how the kids can do both, swim and play games, easy! The games will be there only for 1 hour in time, and the kids can either play or swim, and the ones who want to swim first will simply have to wait until they are dry to go inside and play or can play on the Wii's on the outside. Or if some kids who are not into video games want they can swim instead.
I am planning on buying wrist bands to help the G2U staff identify who is with the party and who is not, because I do not want to pay for wandering kids to play the games I rented for Michael's party.
Food options were going to be either Pizza or cookout foods, and I am leaning more towards the cookout foods!
The pool has a part where they are tables and a grill that we can use to cook the food on.
I am going to be serving hotdogs and hamburgers which I will pick up at Sam's club. Also with the help of Michael's grandmother some YUMMY Mac and Cheese that she makes! I will also have chips and drinks to go along with the burgers and hotdogs.
I think this will be an awesome party and I hope that all my planning will work out in the end and everyone will have a wonderful time!
I have already (yes, I already sent out) the evites so that everyone can save the date because with it being summer and a few days from the start of a new school year, I want people to plan ahead to come so that Michael has a great 7th birthday!


Minette said...

Hey, I saw this truck at an event and it was totally cool. The kids were lined up for miles to take a turn! Your son is so lucky to have an awesome mom like you! I love your blog posts.

Minette said...

Just saw the date on your post, I am a little slow...did you get G2U? I have a 10 year old son. Would love a personal recommendation!

Michael's Mommy said...

Thanks for loving my blogs :) Actually although that post was posted in May (yes I am ashamed) because I was planning my son's bday WAY too far in advance LOL His bday isnt even here yet! LOL It isnt actually until August 21st, but the party is the 22nd of August. I am super excited to rent this G2U! I will let you know how it goes!

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