Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day :)

Hoping all the mommas out there had a nice one, I did and didnt! Of course I was doing house work alll day with no help what so ever! I cooked dinner, washed clothes, mopped, vacumed the carpets and some more stuff...I was exhausted! But dinner was GREAT! I got a phone! Not sure if it was planned to be given to me on Mother's day or it just happened that way, but I love my new phone! It is purple! (sorry the pic is a little blurry!)
I got wonderful things from Michael that he made! And a painted pot with a flower growAdd Imageing in it! It is currently sitting on my desk and I love it!

My cooked dinner was fantastic! I am glad I opted to make my own dinner at home, vs going out and spending (wasting) money.
I sent my wonderful mommy a basket of flowers and perfume which she should be getting shortly!
I couldnt send it when I wanted to because the perfume place had to order more since it is no longer being made, it is discontinued, but I dont think that my mom will mind it is late since she IS getting it and should be there soon!
We had Mike's mom stop by and pick up her gift and she shared the wonderful dinner I made :)
She said it was good.
I got to bed early! which was great! I loved it!

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