Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thursday we celebrated Mike's 31st Birthday!

Thursday was Mike's Birthday which was celebrated, initially it was just Mike, me and Michael here, While Mike was in the bathroom, Michael and I got to work setting up his cake and gift.

Mike was just about to come out and Michael told him he wasnt allowed, so Mike went on his computer in the bedroom.

As I am shoving the 3 and the 1 shaped candles onto a TINY cake which keep slipping off Michael asks how we will light the cake, I have no clue we have no lighters in the house.

So Michael (cleaver Michael) goes to the room and yells "Daddy do you have a lighter?" Mike of course answers that he doesnt, so Michael proceeds to yell to me "oh great how are we supposed to light the candles now mommy?"

Shhhhhhhh I motion to him, so then finally daddy comes out to open his gifts and loved them, low and behold a knock at the door, GRANDMA ANGIE! Here to wish Mike a Happy Birthday! When another knock comes at the door UNCLE JOHN here to wish Mike a Happy Birthday!

I promise it wasnt planned at all, so then we get a lighter, lite the candles and sing to daddy!


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