Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Ok sooo....this is what my email said I sent out today to my friends (so some of you may have it) but those who dont feel free to read :)

Okay this may sound a bit stupid (well no it does not it is ME asking the question so it is normal ha) anyyywhooo....

So you all know I am on this mom forum - well - someone posted a forum called March Fool's Day- so I open it and read it and thought she was being silly from the title. NOPE serious and other moms responded to her post referemcing this "March Fool's Day" - uhhhh - I am drawing a blank here - What is March Fool's Day? Am I missing something? I thought it was April Fool's Day - Soooooo ME being ME Google it - LOL

Intresting info here:

April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, though not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. Traditionally, in some countries, the jokes only last until noon. If you play a trick on someone after this time you are the April Fool.[1] Elsewhere, for example in France, the jokes may last all day.

soooooo....that is cool right well the orgin here:

The origins of this custom are complex and a matter of much debate. It is likely a relic of the once common festivities held on the vernal equinox, which began on the 25th of March, old New Year's Day, and ended on the 2nd of April.

Though the 1st of April appears to have been observed as a general festival in Great Britain in antiquity, it was apparently not until the beginning of the 18th century that the making of April-fools was a common custom. In Scotland the custom was known as "hunting the gowk," i.e. the cuckoo, and April-fools were "April-gowks," the cuckoo being a term of contempt, as it is in many countries.
One of the earliest connections of the day with fools is Chaucer's story the Nun's Priest's Tale (c.1400), which concerns two fools and takes place "thritty dayes and two" from the beginning of March, which is April 1. The significance of this is difficult to determine.
Europe may have derived its April-fooling from the French.[2] French and Dutch references from 1508 and 1539 respectively describe April Fools' Day jokes and the custom of making them on the first of April. France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year's Day (which was already celebrated by many), by decree of Charles IX. This was in 1564, even before the 1582 adoption of the Gregorian calendar (See Julian start of the year). Thus the New Year's gifts and visits of felicitation which had been the feature of the 1st of April became associated with the first day of January, and those who disliked or did not hear about the change were fair game for those wits who amused themselves by sending mock presents and paying calls of pretended ceremony on the 1st of April. In France the person fooled is known as poisson d'avril (April fish). This has been explained as arising from the fact that in April the sun quits the zodiacal sign of the fish. The French traditionally celebrated this holiday by placing dead fish on the backs of friends. Today, real fish have been replaced with sticky, fish-shaped paper cut-outs that children try to sneak onto the back of their friends' shirts. Candy shops and bakeries also offer fish-shaped sweets for the holiday.
Some Dutch also celebrate the 1st of April for other reasons. In 1572, the Netherlands were ruled by Spain's King Philip II. Roaming the region were Dutch rebels who called themselves Geuzen, after the French "gueux," meaning beggars. On April 1, 1572, the Geuzen seized the small coastal town of Den Briel. This event was also the start of the general civil rising against the Spanish in other cities in the Netherlands. The Duke of Alba, commander of the Spanish army could not prevent the uprising. Bril is the Dutch word for glasses, so on April 1, 1572, "Alba lost his glasses." The Dutch commemorate this with humor on the first of April.[citation needed]

Sooooo what - have I been the only one to not know that April Fool's Day reallly should have started on March 25th? And ended 12am tonight? Because if I could prank for a week that is much better then 1 day! No but really has anyone else heard it refered to as March Fool's Day?

Which makes me NOW realize why the new movie April Fool's day (1989 horror movie remake) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1018817/ released on MARCH 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Coooool so we have been missing out on a WEEK of PRANKING! Well atleast I have - since I always thought it was 1 day of pranking!

UGHHHHHHHH I have been mislead my whole 27 years are not pointless LOL

Love ya all!

Casey :)

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