Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ft Worth Zoo

Well what can I say about the zoos here in Texas (DFW atleast) uhmm you have to PAY to get in...Yes that is strange to me - considering the national zoo in DC is free - soo yeah that was 1 weird/different thing.
There are 2 zoos near me, Dallas Zoo and Ft Worth Zoo. We went with John and Galena and there kiddos, so we went to Ft Worth - apparently it is supposed to be better then Dallas - i know one thing it sure cost more to get in then the Dallas Zoo.
Lets see...Dallas admission 1 adult is...$8.75 and $5.75 kids. The Ft Worth is 10.50 per Adult and $8.00 per kid. I plan on going to the Dallas Zoo to do my own comparison. We did have a great time at the Ft Worth zoo, it was however more of a drive then Dallas would have been. The animals I must say were out and actually doing things - which each time I went to the zoo in DC they were all looking a bit - uh measley. The back drops where the animals lived were also amazing. Great scenery!

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