Thursday, April 3, 2008

Michael's Strawberry Plant

I got Michael's plant he is taking into school tomorrow! I wasnt sure what to get for him to take in, I had many suggestions, An ivy plant, A cactus, A venus fly trap, and I wanted a flower because of the different parts a flower has. SOOO I must have looked confused in the garden center of Walmart bc the woman asked if I needed help. (mind you I had like 4 different plants in my hand and no basket and I was wandering past the same plants 10 times)So after explaining to her that Michael had a project to bring in a plant they would watch it grow and were going to keep a journal of it. She suggested a STRAWBERRY PLANT! What a great idea wal-mart lady! YOU ROCK! She said since it had a blossom on it the kids could see that, and then when the blossom falls off the strawberry starts to grow! The plant now has 1 bloom, and a few baby strawberries they can watch grow! How cool it that! I have added pics in the albums!

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Dawn Endres said...

What a fun project! I love strawberries! I must go to Walmart soon and get one of these plants. Hayley's class put a seed in a wet paper towel and it's suppose to sprout sometime soon. hehe!

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