Saturday, April 19, 2008

Michael lost his FIRST tooth1!

So last night we are all sitting in Michael's room playing Wii, when Michael blurts out MY TOOTH CAME OUT! So I jumped up rinsed out his mouth and put his tooth in a baggie. Awe my baby is growing up sooo sad :( yet happy - i guess they call that bitter sweet?
So Michael went to sleep last night and I had all intentions on making a note and putting some money in place of where his tooth was. I wanted to make some certificate on the computer - but yeah we have no printer at this time Booooo!
So I ended up falling alseep and not doing anything - I woke up and ran to my purse - emptied all the silver in a baggie and quickly wrote a letter from the Tooth Fairy to Michael. Before I got to get it in his room to exchange the money for the tooth here comes Michael. "mommy there isnt anything under my pillow" OH no, so I tell him to go and lay in mommy's bed I was going to call daddy and find out what happened. So I ran in his room (thankfully he migrated during the nite to the other side of the bed) his tooth was in open space on the top of his bed and his pillow was at the bottom of the bed. So I grabbed up the tooth and swapped it with the money and note and threw his blanket over it! I went back in my room where Michael was laying and asked him was he sure there wasnt anything in his room, and if he looked where he left his tooth. So he got up to check, less then 1 minute I hear him running back to my room and I hear the jingle of change! He believed it I AM SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I willo never let that happen again - next time as soon as a tooth is loose I will be ready!

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Dawn Endres said...

LOL! That's funny! The tooth fairy has forgotten many a time in our house. hehe! I think they may suspect! haha!

What cute lil' snaggle tooth you have!

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