Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Frito Pie?

Okay so mmmaayyybe some of you may have heard of this "frito pie" but I have never heard of it before Sunday - we went bowling and they had it on the menu - I asked Mike if he has ever head of it and he hadnt either. So we asked the guy there - and he said it was basically fritos, chili and cheese. Soooo I googled it so I can see what it looked like - to me it looks like vomit! Barf - looking at it makes my tummy turn - just looks unhealthy and full of fat and calories for sure! I asked my friend who is from Texas if it was a "Texas thing" but I guess it isnt I just have never heard of it before LOL
Well she said it was good - I will take her word for it but that is one pie that I will not be trying anytime soon - if ever at all LOL
I dont even like fritos all that much anyway LOL


Psychomom said...

It's a 'New Mexico thing', with plenty of pinto beans, red chilé (the real stuff not that crap from a can) and cheese. Muy Bueno!

A good way to get your kids to eat beans.

Michael's Mommy said...

LOL Mayyybe I will try it one day...

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